The International Interdisciplinary Institute (“The Triple-I”) is a growing community of academics and creative professionals that aims to support early-career researchers and interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences.

The institute is about forging collaborations and new projects in a bottom-up manner via interactions and constructive dialogue among researchers and creative professionals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, projects likely to be carried out elsewhere.

We actively promote interactions between academics and creative professionals, and during the first year of activities, 2016–2017, The Triple-I has offered a residency in Rome which consistently accommodated 2-5 guests simultaneously, with approximately 25 visiting guests in total over the year. The second year of activities has begun with an international workshop in Stockholm, October 2017, on “Investigating Interdisciplinary Informality”.

In these activities, a range of scholarly and artistic fields have been represented, covering for example archaeology, architecture, art history, contemporary art, creative writing, economics, musicology, philosophy, photography, political science, psychology, transnational history and urban studies. Our activities have resulted in some immediate collaborations – more may follow.


Photo: John S. Webb

Join The Triple-I and its growing interdisciplinary community of academics and creative professionals!

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