The International Interdisciplinary Institute (“The Triple-I”) aims to foster interdisciplinary research through the long-term establishment of an international network of interdisciplinary communities that promote interactions between scholars, creative professionals and civil society in different social and cultural environments.

The institute’s main activities include informal presentations, seminars, open talks, brainstorming groups, in-house meetings, civil society visits, and so forth. Research articles will appear in the institute’s discussion paper series in the future. The Triple-I is open to whatever novel projects and suggestions that individual scholars and creative professionals wish to bring to it. Interactions with past community guests will be maintained through the Triple-I network and through mailing lists.

Our first residency was located in Rome (in Monteverde Vecchio, see “Rome 2016–2017”) and our first annual workshop entitled “Investigating Interdisciplinary Informality” was held at The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities (Medelhavsmuseet), Stockholm, October 3-4.











Members of the Triple-I community, Stockholm, October 2017. Photo: John S. Webb.