Interdisciplinary Informality

The institute selects its visitors in order to achieve a blend of complementary disciplinary specialisations within each residency and each particular time period. Although interdisciplinary research is widely lauded, carrying out such research can be hindering to the careers of young academics, as top journals are highly specialised, and recent evidence suggests that interdisciplinary proposals have consistently lower funding success. The Triple-I promotes and supports interdisciplinary work through visitor selection, regular in-house meetings, informal presentations and the institute’s discussion paper series.

The community consists of roughly two-thirds post-doctoral researchers and PhD candidates (in any scholarly field), and one-third writers, cultural workers, museum professionals, artists, musicians, journalists, politicians, and other candidates. The pilot scheme Rome residency (2016–2017) has collaborated with already existing research entities in Rome (foreign schools, colleges and universities). The institute is thus conceived as an international hub for discussing the nature and premises of interdisciplinary and transnational work. We hope to extend financial support to such activities in the future.

The institute’s inspirational motto is “know thyselves”, a deliberate modification of the well-known Delphi aphorism, intended to encourage visitors to be critical of their own disciplinary specialisations, and to be inquisitive of and open to the disciplinary backgrounds of fellow guests.