ArisAris Spentsas is network manager of The Triple-I Athens. He is a visual artist and researcher with a background on industrial management. He is presently working on his PhD thesis at the Fine Arts department of the Polytechnic University of Valencia on spectatorship in contemporary art, investigating the simultaneity and multiplicity of roles in the economy of arts. His work and research has being developed in different cities and centres, such as Concordia University in Montreal, Hangar Art Production Centre in Barcelona, The Academy of France in Madrid, State of Concept Gallery in Athens, amongst others. Most recently he published the essay “Being a Viewer, the experience of the spectator as non-regulated form of participation” in the Telon de Fondo online Journal for Performing Arts. Since 2012 he is collaborating as an artistic duo with Rosana Sanchez Rufete. Their practice is driven by an interest in ephemeral situations that empowers them to be artists and spectators at the same time, merging what they know with what they do not. They mostly experiment their ideas during short or long time residencies, working in situ, proposing site-specific situations that are developed for specific constraints and audiences. Aris is currently working on three propositions that seek to defend spectator rights and to open a discussion about an honest spectatorship policy.