CFA – The Triple-I, workshop: “Investigating Interdisciplinary Informality”, Stockholm, 3–4 October 2017

We hereby invite researchers interested in interdisciplinary work to submit a short application to participate in the “Investigating Interdisciplinary Informality”-workshop, to be held at the Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities (Medelhavsmuseet), Stockholm, 3–4 October 2017.

Travel costs and lodging can be covered for selected participants traveling from outside Stockholm. The deadline for submission of applications, by e-mail to, is 1 September 2017.

Applications should include a brief up-to-date CV, together with a short statement (maximum 300 words) outlining your background, your specialisation, your interdisciplinary interests, and why you wish to join the Triple-I community.

There are presently a limited number of remaining spaces. We are especially interested in established researchers, PhD candidates and master students with backgrounds in sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, political science and urban studies.

The International Interdisciplinary Institute – “The Triple-I”, established in 2016 ( – promotes interactions between academics and creative professionals from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and mixed media to initiate innovative and collaborative interdisciplinary research projects in the humanities and social sciences in a bottom-up manner and to encourage a wide dissemination of results.

The two-day workshop in Stockholm builds on and develops the activities that have been undertaken at the Triple-I Rome residency (2016–2017). The workshop will combine presentations of individual research projects with discussions of opportunities and challenges for enriching research from an interdisciplinary perspective. Conversations will be conducted in mixed groups in an informal manner.

The workshop is intended to stimulate constructive interdisciplinary dialogue in an informal atmosphere, to strengthen the growing Triple-I network, to support interdisciplinary initiatives and to inspire innovative research projects.

Frederick Whitling & David Horan, co-directors of The International Interdisciplinary Institute


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